Apr 9, 2012


i feel like i have so much to tell so i don't say anything :D had the best monday night , just i don't know i feel so happy my friday was also full of happiness, i finally saw my friend after almost two years also saw the hunger games over all had a great week :) i feel like things fall in the right place again :) and i don't know i'm the type of person when i have a bad time i just shut down i make a pretty face in public but i don't really have anything to say so maybe that's why there haven't been a lot of posts lately. but maybe i'm just lazy :D but a few weeks ago i felt like such a mess :D everything is better now :D well have a nice week and enjoy the pics :)

Mar 8, 2012

people go and people come back

so much has happened this week it's crazy, we had teachers strike this week so we didn't have school for a half of the week... i had a huge fight with my two close friends and i'm so mad at them i don't think i can be friends with them anymore not after what they did.... wednesday i went to the cinema with H. and two boys that i've seen twice it was so funny to watch family movie together. in the movie "we bought a zoo" dad said that it only takes 20 seconds of absolute madness and it could bring you something good so today i thought that i have nothing to loose and it really worked , i'm so happy... like i said some people go and one came back, i really missed her so much... we talked like those two years was nothing :) You could love me or not But either way I've got to Wake up to face another day tomorrow morning You could love me or not But either way I've got the sunrise looking in my eyes Dub FX - Love Me Or Not i hope you all (whoever is reading my blog) have a nice week ! :)